January 18, 2011

**Free 8x10 Print of Home is Wherever I'm With You**

:support to our troops:

the other day, a woman purchased my Home is Wherever I'm With You print off of etsy.
this is a custom order where I take two locations
(where you are and where your honey is) on a map and connect them.
showing love knows no distance.

with her order; she asked me to do texas and iraq. I immediately emailed the woman back and asked if this was for someone serving our country. she respond that it was indeed for her husband who was currently oversees. she wanted the print to mail to him for valentines day.

tears swelled in my eyes.

I know all to well the feeling of being without your partner. having them in another country, so far from you. where everyday is a risk.
my heart was sad and also grateful to her and her husband.

I wrote back to the woman; thanked her for their sacrifice and refunded her money. 

..this got me thinking..

I would love to do this for others too.
others who may have a loved one serving for our beloved country.
whether they are in the middle east or wisconsin.
even if you are there with them (maybe we could connect your home state with your new location??)

so, let it get it out.
let it burn like wildfire.


from now until february 14 2011.

to place your order:
-please email me at chelseachilds{at}yahoo{dot}com
-state the areas in the world you'd like.
-also include your name and address for shipping.


Makell Wintle said...

Chelsea, you are the sweetest girl I know. You have such a big heart. So glad you are in our family.

Hanna said...

Yes, this is very sweet of you... :)

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